Deb Miller here. I’m the owner of Digital Marketing Response, a full service online marketing agency. I am so excited that you signed up to take our 5 day “Optimize Facebook Cheat Sheet” course. What you are about to learn has changed the game for more businesses than I can count at this point.

Why would I want to Optimize my Facebook page using what I’m about to learn?

Because people are searching for businesses on Facebook more than ever. If you show up earlier in the search results and news feed, and if your Facebook page is designed to convert people into customers, you have an unfair advantage over your competitors.

If you go through all 5 days of this course and then implement everything you learn in the next week, I’m positive that you’ll start seeing similar results as those who have gone through it before you.

How did I learn this stuff?

I spend my day helping businesses implement digital marketing techniques like the one you’re about to learn and I’ve gotten very good at getting them results. The truth of the matter is, however, that there are only so many hours in the day. This 5 day course was created so that I could help more businesses get big results FAST.

Why would I do that for you…for free?

Confession. I know that when you follow everything inside this 5 day course, you’re going to get results. When you get results with this system on your own, I know that the odds of you hiring my company (to help you with other parts of your digital marketing) goes way up.

So…now that all of my cards are on the table, let me show you exactly how to Optimize your Facebook page so that you get more people looking at your business and convert more of them into actual paying customers.

What is the “Facebook Cheat Sheet”?

Over the last few years, my team at Digital Marketing Response has figured out 10 factors that affect the way that Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes your Facebook Page when deciding to serve it up in its search results and in the Newsfeed.

We call these the “10 Pillars of Facebook Page Optimization.”

Over the next 4 days, I’m going to share with you these “10 Pillars.” All you need to do is make the changes that I teach you over the next few days and you’ll start seeing Facebook paying more attention to your page (that’s a good thing in terms of marketing and getting new business).

Deb Miller
Digital Marketing Response