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Deborah Miller

Deborah C. Miller, owner of  PinPoint Local – Westfield grew up in Indianapolis. She spent 20+ years as a small business owner in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She moved to Westfield in 2017 and is proud to call Westfield/Hamilton county home!

Our story...

We love our customers!  We love helping them to grow and prosper. 

Deborah Miller has been a small business owner and entrepreneur for 20+ years. As a consultant, Deb provided advice and assistance with project management, instructional design and quality improvement to a wide variety of industries. Her clients included financial services, health care, manufacturing, interior design, construction and non-profits. 

As Deb worked with these businesses, she saw the need for marketing help.  Small businesses in particular just didn’t know how to get their message out in the digital marketplace. Deb began to provide more and more marketing expertise, both online and off. As a result, she has spent the last 12 years helping companies developing online strategies, building websites and implementing online marketing strategies for her clients.

In 2019, Deb partnered with PinPoint Local to become the digital marketing agency in Westfield, Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville and Lebanon areas in central Indiana. This partnership allows us to provide a wide range of services to more local customers than ever before.

Since we are local, we know the marketplace. We are here to help you get your message to those in our community and grown your LOCAL presence.

We help people who...

  • Don’t have a website for their business but know they need one; they just don’t know how to go about getting one that works!
  • Have a website that isn’t working for them to get new customers but don’t know how to fix it!
  • Have a website that’s working just okay and know they need to optimize their site to get found by the search engines but don’t know how to do it!
  • Are totally stressed out about the idea of creating a website and don’t have a clue where to start!
  • Know they need to do more with social media but don’t know where to start, much less have the time to do it right!
Local Small Business

We're a full service digital marketing agency

We have built websites and guided our clients through their marketing efforts for more than 12 years. When we first got started, we built the website ourselves. Now we have a team of high-performing specialists who know what it takes to build an eye-catching and customer generating website. We strive to consistently produce results that exceed our customers’ expectations.

We have deep experience and a proven track record. We pride ourselves on increasing search engine rankings so our clients get noticed faster on Google, Bing and other search engines. With our social media strategies, our clients are able to target customers in their local area that are ready to buy.

Typical digital marketing services include: responsive website design, secure hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns and more. We are your one-stop agency for all your online marketing needs.

Digital Marketing Agency in Westfield
SEO Marketing Strategies

We are both strategic and able to implement these strategies for you

Digital Marketing Response is here and ready to help you get more customers. We work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to enhance their online presence by creating websites, marketing strategies and online training programs. We also help small business owners create marketing videos and webinars to share their message with their customers online.

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