Deb Miller here again and I hope you’re fired up to learn how this whole “Optimizing your Business’ Facebook Page” thing works for you. Today we’re covering Lesson #2 of 5 in this thing I call the “Facebook Page Cheat Sheet.” Hundreds of small business owners have changed their entire business when they started using these tips…and you can too.

Just to recap:

Yesterday, I walked you through why you would want to “optimize your business’ Facebook page” in the first place (and how it makes you money). If you missed that email, you can jump over and read it here (don’t worry, I’ll wait until you get back).

Today’s Lesson:

We’re going to walk through the first 3 things that you must do to optimize your Facebook page.

These are pretty simple but super important if you want Facebook to rank your page over your local competitors.

Let’s Dive In:

Facebook Optimization Pillar #1

Choose a Page Name that is as Close to the Business’ Name as Possible

This may seem silly but you’d be surprised how many folks out there have a misspelled page name or weird addition in their Facebook pages name that end up hurting how Facebook ranks them and decides to serve up their page to folks looking for them.

The first thing you must check is that the business name, business’s Facebook page, and website match as close as possible. This is vital for Facebook and Google searches (especially for users who are looking up your business based on a referral.

Need to Edit Your Page’s Name?

This guide shows you how to request a name edit on Facebook.


Facebook Optimization Pillar #2

Customize the URL of your Facebook Page

This one also might seem like a no brainer to you, but you wouldn’t believe how many clients we help to rank higher in the Facebook ecosystem just by making sure their URL matches their business name (or is close to a match).

You can change the URL in the About section of the business page. When you customize the Page username, the Page URL looks something like this:

This not only helps you rank higher in searches, but makes social sharing much easier too. (Only an admin of the page can change the URL.)


Facebook Optimization Pillar #3

Choose an Appropriate Facebook Page Category for the Business

Make sure that the page category is correctly matched to the type of business it represents. Each business category has its own default calls to action and tabs that will be displayed. Start by choosing one of 2 main page categories. From the get started button, you can choose from hundreds of more specific page categories.

Need to Edit your Page’s Category?

This Guide shows You How To Do It

That’s it.

Go make sue that these 3 pillars are taken care of on your businesses’ page right now. Tomorrow I’ll be showing you Pillars 4, 5 and 6. These are a little more advanced, but really help pack a punch in how your Page shows up on Facebook.

Look for these new tips in your inbox tomorrow!

Deb Miller
Digital Marketing Response

P.S. Need help making these edits? This is what my team and I do everyday. Click here to set up a meeting on my calendar and we can talk about how we can help!