Deb Miller here again and I hope you’re enjoying the “Optimizing your Business’ Facebook Page” course. Today we’re covering Lesson #4 of 5 in this thing I call the “Facebook Page Cheat Sheet”. I’m excited to continue showing you how hundreds of small business owners have changed their local business using these pillars.

Just to recap:

So far, I’ve walked you through why your business would want to “optimize your Facebook Page” in the first place (Lesson 1), the first 3 Pillars of getting your page to Rank Higher on Facebook in your Niche (Lesson 2), and some ore advanced techniques in Pillars 4-6 (Lesson 3).

Today’s Lesson:

We’re going to walk through the next 3 things (Pillar 7-9) that you must do to optimize your Facebook page to play nicely with Facebook’s algorithm and set your page up to rank higher.

NOTE: Today’s Pillars are all about how to Post Content to the Page.

Let’s Dive In:

Facebook Optimization Pillar #7

Use Branded #Hashtags in your Page’s Content Posts

Hashtags are just another way that Facebook sorts content and another thing that the search algorithm looks for when a potential customer searches for a business or business type.

Some examples:


Facebook Optimization Pillar #8

Link to the Business Website Often (In a Natural Way)

Aside from putting the website for the business in the “About” section of the page, it is helpful to find other opportunities to link to the site as well. This works similar to “backlinking” on a website. The page shouldn’t put the site in every post, but should definitely look for natural ways to share it. For example, responding to comments seeking additional information, is a great, natural way to link out to the site.

Facebook Optimization Pillar #9

Posting Content to Your Page 2x a day

This may seem like a giant pain, but it works if you can pull it off. As a matter of fact, we’ve been able to jump a page to number 1 in the Facebook page rankings for a local business just by adding 2 posts a day to their page.

NOTE: Our clients don’t normally have time to do this one so we typically end up handling this for our clients. If you’d like for us to handle your page’s posting, just click here to schedule a quick meeting to discuss your options. (You will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable we make this service.)

That’s it.

Go make sure that these 3 pillars are taken care of on your business’ page now. Tomorrow I’ll be showing you Pillar 10. This is the last pillar, but is vitally important to doing everything possible to give your business an unfair advantage over your competitors on Facebook.

I’ll see you tomorrow to close everything out.

Deb Miller
Digital Marketing Response

P.S. Need help making all of these 10 Pillars happen on your Facebook page? This is what my team and I do everyday. Click here to set up a meeting on my calendar and we can talk about how we can help!