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SEO For Human Visitors

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of scientifically tweaking a website page in order to improve the page’s rank on a search engine. It’s important to understand that the search engines rank individual pages and not an entire website. Therefore, SEO must be performed on each page, blog post, and video on your website.


The search engines are looking for keywords (search terms) that match the content that is on the page or in the post. They also look for links to other content, both inside your website and out.

When you build a page on your website or add content via articles or blog posts, it’s important to remember that you are providing content to your end users, not targeting the search engine crawlers. In the past, we often loaded up articles with a lot of keywords to help improve the search engine rankings. But the search engines are more savvy these days. The quality of the content and the appropriate use of keywords is more important than the quantity of keywords in a post.

What Makes Good SEO-Friendly Content?

Good Copywriting. Effective content written in a way that keeps visitors engaged on your site is crucial. Your copy (or text) should grab the attention of the user, create interest, build desire and lead to some action. Use your keywords in headings and subheadings where it makes sense. Sprinkle your keywords just like you would in a conversation. The text should seem natural and conversational, not stilted and unreadable.

Single Topic. Write your content around one or two main keywords. Each piece of content should have a single purpose and therefore, only one or two keywords. In this article, I am focusing on search engine optimization for human visitors. I’m not talking about getting traffic using keywords. In the meta-data keyword field I would only add keywords related to this specific article.

Edit the Snippet. The snippet is what will be displayed by the search engines about the content you are creating.  You can change the headline and the text to be more interesting and appealing to human visitors.

Select Keywords. Choose appropriate keywords to highlight in your SEO plugin.  Focus only on the one or two keywords that match the content of the article, video or page.

By paying attention to these factors, you will improve your search engine results and ultimately attract more visitors to your site.

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