Videos and webinars are important ways your customers learn about your products and services.

Video has become an important aspect of sales and marketing on the web. Potential customers will stay on your page longer if you have an engaging video about your business.

Writing a script for video can be challenging. Your script needs to engage your visitor, provide a reason for the viewer to stick around, and have a call to action. The call to action asks the visitor to do something: click a button, download a document, purchase a product or service.

Sample Video Gallery


Live presentation or replay, a webinar is a critical way for small businesses to engage with your customers. Webinars are used to provide information, describe a product or service, or simply share something fun about your company.


Online learning or eLearning can be a video or text document that is presented online. eLearning is often viewed on a mobile phone or tablet. The purpose of elearning is to share information with customers or employees about a process, product or service.


A video can be a PowerPoint presentation recorded as a video, an animation or whiteboard presentation created with special software or a video recorded from a mobile phone and posted to social media. Most videos are short; less than 2 minutes is ideal.

Sales Copy

Sales copy is anything intended to persuade the visitor to take some type of action, online or offline. It can include a newspaper ad, video, Facebook post, etc. The action could be to click a link, make an inquiry, visit your business or make a phone call.