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What Makes A Great Online Review?

Everyone reads reviews. It’s no secret that as consumers, we look at reviews before we purchase a product or check out the local business. We want to be sure we are dealing with a company we can trust. A recent study found that there are several factors that influence a customer buying decision. Let’s look at each one in order.

How Many Stars

Good reviews matter. If you are like most people looking at a local company’s reviews, you are looking for anything above a 3.5. Generally, 4-5 stars is considered positive, 3 stars are mostly neutral, and 0-2 stars are considered negative.

How Many Reviews

The more positive reviews the better. There is really no specific number of reviews that you need to get but studies have shown that most people are looking for at least 5-7 positive reviews. If you have been in business for a long time, your customers will be expecting a lot of reviews. Newer businesses can get away with a smaller number. But it’s not just the number of reviews that matter.

When Did You Get The Reviews

It’s important to have great 4-5 star reviews but people also look at how recent the reviews were left. Generally speaking, if your reviews are older than 3-4 months, they are considered outdated. This means that you need to have a plan in place to request reviews on a regular basis.

How Much Detail Is In The Review

It’s not enough to just get 4-5 stars, your reviews also need to include some details to help the consumer make a buying decision. Customers typically look at reviews to decide what products/services to avoid, but they also want to know more about how your business operates and how you respond to customer complaints. When asking for a review, encourage your customers to provide details about their purchasing decision.

How You Respond To Negative Reviews

Your potential customers want to know how you respond to problems and questions about your products and services. Understanding how your customers feel and how you respond is important.  It’s not just how you respond to negative reviews, but how and if you respond to the positive ones as well. It’s so important that 30% of consumers say your response is critical when deciding whether to visit your business.

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